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Group Rules: Read BEFORE Joining!

:star::star::star: 3 strikes and you're out. This includes; rude comments on declined photos AS you break any of these listed rules 3 times. Simply breaking a rule will not get you removed. Nasty comments attached is another story. Hence why this rule exists and I will personally remove you from the group. It's really no trouble :]

:star: This group is for Photography ONLY. Other mediums will not be accepted. It should be clear that they aren't.

:bulletpurple:Please read all rules before joining & submitting.

:bulletpurple:Everyone who joins is accepted but all images
are voted on.

:star: Only submit your BEST work. PLEASE do NOT submit similar photos from the same series. Pick the best one. If you submit others, I will pick the one I think is the best, all the others will be declined.

:star: Do not over submit, not every photo is going to be a gem. So, if you submit a lot and only 2 are accepted this is a reason why. Too much & most of the work missed our mark.

:bulletpurple:You must be a member before you submit.
The group requesting photos is a different story.

:bulletpurple:Please try to submit to the right folder or the
photo will be declined. Featured folder is off limits for submissions. All other folders are open.

:star:If a photo keeps getting denied. Do not keep
submitting it. Try another photo.

:bulletpurple:High quality portraits only! No blurry photos, over edited, photos that are small little boxes or bad quality cell phone photos.

:star:Photoshopped photos are welcome but it cannot be over done. It must be tasteful & must add to the image instead of distracting from the main subject.

:star: Photomanipulation is not accepted. Because it goes against the reason I started this group. Many groups welcome manips but t h i s group is just not one of them. BUT, a little bit here and there in a portrait, as long as its not over done (depending on the photo) will be accepted. Sometimes it can truly enhance a mood or a theme the Photographer wants to create. I still prefer most of the photo to be real. If that is not the case, it simply doesn't belong here.

:bulletpurple:Members are allowed to submit 6 photos a day.
Contributors have unlimited submissions.

:bulletpurple:Please submit only your best work!
And have fun while doing so.

:star:Please be respectful at all times,
to other artists & their work.

:bulletpurple:And if you have any problems or
questions feel free to send the group a note!

:star:DO NOT write the group a note or comment on our profile asking why your photo was declined. You will either comment on the declined photo itself or you will not find out why it was declined. Please, take your pick.

-------- GROUP FOLDERS & Where to submit works--------

:bulletpurple:Self Portraits: A Self Portrait is a portrait taken of you by you. Not a portrait of you taken by someone else. The photo had to be taken by yourself for it to be considered a Self Portrait. End of story.

:bulletpurple:Female Portraits: Portraits of women, only. Girls under the age of 18 are not women, they are children and so they do not belong in this folder.

:bulletpurple:Male Portraits: Portraits of men, only. Boys under the age of 18 are not men, they are children, also.

:bulletpurple:Both Men and Women: Only portraits of Men and Women both in the photo, belong here.

:bulletpurple:Children Portraits: Just children portraits, and that includes; babies, children, kids, pre-teens and teenagers, any child under the age of 18 belong in this folder. Parents with their children go here also.

:bulletpurple:Group Portraits: Any portrait that has more then 1 person in them are considered a Group Portrait.

:bulletpurple:Spontaneous Portraits: Portraits that weren't planned and taken randomly go here. Not photos where you don't know where they go, ask me and I will happily tell you. Just don't stick them here to make it easy on yourself, because you are making it harder on me.

:bulletpurple:Artistic Nude Portraits: Only Artistic Nudes go here. Nothing of a porn nature will be accepted, graphic porn/work will be denied each time, no matter what. This folder is for Art not trash.

:bulletpurple:Animal Portraits: Portraits of domesticated animals & wild ones. Portraits of you and your pet go here also.

:bulletpurple:All Other Portraits: And this folder is for all photos that do not fit into the other folders listed above. Portraits that are accepted with this folder: Fetish, Cosplay, Dark, Conceptual, Live concert photography etc. If you have any other questions about what goes into this folder, it's easy, just take a look through this folder for an idea. This folder is not the folder where you just stick everything because you don't want to think about where it belongs :no:


If this group isn't right for you, please check out our Affiliates!!
You might find a group that is better suited/more your style :]

Gallery Folders

Lemur by Perseus67

Mature Content

Neverend by I-Got-Shot
soft layer by corniger-aries
Untitled by ObliviousHorizon
Self Portraits
It by luciekout
Conscience Outtake by MonsterBrand
SELFPORTRAIT 40/52 by HeleneRock
Resurrection by Sherl91
Female Portraits
Peppermint VI by Losille-Rinie
Stronger Than Me by MissSouls
into the Woods by syinthetic
I loved the air dancing 'round I by yamyamART
Female Portraits. 2

Mature Content

Yellow Day 1 by NetSeawolf
Memories of Summer by yume-no-yukari
Vikky by lesyakikh
we all fall down by AnastasiyaDostoevska
Male Portraits
The black knight - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2016 by giovannidallorto
Portrait of Mirco - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2016 by giovannidallorto

Mature Content

#### by NaPaulU
Enlightened 2 - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2016 by giovannidallorto
Both Women and Men
Reflecting on Peter and Dee by Earth-Hart
in you by Enaston
First Dance by cheslah
your weakness by Enaston
Children Portraits
Polina by Anhen
Polina by Anhen
Oliwia by 13noise
Group Portraits
Complicity - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, August 2016 by giovannidallorto
Silent night - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2005 by giovannidallorto
Summerfield by A-Glass-Brightly
Young lovers 2 - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, July by giovannidallorto
Spontaneous Portraits
Marcello undressing 1 - By Giovanni Dall'Orto 2015 by giovannidallorto
Old Nick by Earth-Hart
Profit by Earth-Hart
I need to know if you're ok by laylakurai
Artistic Nude Portraits
Secret conversation - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2016 by giovannidallorto

Mature Content

...sw... by NaPaulU

Mature Content

Winter Morning Light by woollymammothmusic

Mature Content

No Direction I Know by woollymammothmusic
Animal Portraits
Natasha Romanov by laylakurai
All Other Portraits
Beholder VII by Sherl91

Newest Members

Hello my dears,

  Hi, hello, I am not dead but in this past month that I have been away I have felt close to it. Lol. And with saying that I am SO, SO SORRY for my absence with the group and on dA in general. It was not something that I wanted nor planned. It has been my longest time away from dA and I went through a lot during my time away. Moved and then my laptop broke, which its in the shop right now being repaired. SO, to the members who stayed but got frustrated along the way, I am so very sorry. And to the members who flat out left and or sent pissy comments, I get it but also you need to get that shit in life just happens and sometimes the internet lives we lead need to be put on the back burner. Whether wanted or not. This will not be happening again in the future. I know I haven't been active and good with the group in the past year. And again, all I can say is sorry. The death of a parent and then months later having to pack up an entire house by yourself is a lot to take in. Family stress wears me thin.

  A good friend of mine is letting me borrow his laptop until mine is fixed. Since I have been getting offers for work. I need something to work on. Lol. I have been on a break from Photography work since my father suddenly passed away last October. So I will try to sign in once every two days or so, to catch up with everything that I missed and the stuff I can accept atm. And whatever you submitted in the past month that was left in the submission state to expire, please resubmit and THIS time I will get to them, so please start doing that, please & thank you (for everything but mainly this one is for not leaving if you are reading this.)

:heart: GD13
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Group Info

Portraits that show a lot of love, attention to detail, beauty, and most important passion went into the photo. Everything just comes together beautifully. Sometimes from a lot of work and planning. To days where things fall together as if on their own. Be it a self portrait or a portrait of a friend, something that has true feelings. Passion to create a beautiful portrait on all levels.

Our group Icon is by: :iconsollenafotografie: I asked for her permission before using.
And her photo can be found here:
Founded 5 Years ago
May 3, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

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1,262 Members
1,223 Watchers
42,075 Pageviews
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